CheFSendeR is a simple command line tool to send emails.

This tool supports smtp server with and without authentication also with and without ssl.
You can send emails to multiple recipients, multiple cc and multiple bcc, also you can attach multiple attachments.

As a special feature, CheFSendeR can also send emails via the Microsoft Exchange Server (owa/ews).

CheFSendeR also has a gui to make it easier to create the cli and send test emails.


  • Multiple recipients (to)
  • Multiple carbon copy addresses (cc)
  • Multiple blind carbn copy addresses (bcc)
  • File with to addresses, cc addresses and/or bcc addresses
  • Multiple attachments (placeholder * ist allowed)
  • Individual SMTP Server Port
  • SSL Support (TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2)
  • Authentication
  • Body as Text or HTML
  • File with then content of the body (text or html)
  • GUI for testing and generating the cli
  • Send emails with Exchange Server (owa/ews) authentication
  • List of my last and the top supporter


chefsender / / / /sub:”Test Subject” /body:”Test Message”

Simple Mail without authentication

chefsender / / /smtp-user:”chef” /smtp-password:”password” /port:465 /ssl / /sub:”Test Subject” /body:”Test Message”

Mail with authentification and SSL and Port 465

chefsender / / /ex-user:”chef” /ex-password:”password” / /sub:”Test Subject” /body:”Test Message”

Simple Mail send with Exchange Server (OWA/EWS)

You can find further examples as well as a list with all parameters under Features.


You can find here further screenshots.


I need your help to advance this project.

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